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Is MBot Neo a Good Fit for You and Your Students?

What is mBot Neo? When Makeblock approached me about reviewing the mBot Neo, I was intrigued. In my last couple of years of teaching, when I was STEM Lab Coordinator, “coding” was starting to emerge in elementary schools. My students participated in Hour of Code programming challenges and used Scratch

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Pollinator Week: 8 Fun Activities for You and Your Students

    National Pollinator Week is celebrated worldwide each year in June.  The timing of it doesn’t coincide well with the school year.  What is essential is that we teach kids about pollinators and their importance.  Here are eight activities that will help you do just that!  Pick out a

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5 Benefits of Using Anchor Charts in the Science Classroom

    Before I taught in an elementary science lab, I taught special education and second grade.  I used anchor charts in both of these settings.  Naturally, I would use this beneficial tool in my science/STEAM lab.  Science concepts can be particularly difficult and complex, so having anchor charts is

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Top 10 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

    Science is an essential part of learning in school. It helps kids understand how things work and why they happen. YouTube channels help with this! I find that most students actively watch and listen when videos are shown. They often help students visualize things that they otherwise couldn’t.

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3 Easy DIY STEAM Toys that Students Can Make in Class

Why STEAM Toys? Research is showing that kids need STEAM Toys. STEM is becoming increasingly relevant as the world delves deeper into this techno-centric era. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% increase in STEM occupations by 2029, over other careers at only 3.7%. Moreover, an astounding 93%

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Four Paper STEM Challenges that are Fun and Low-Cost!

    Paper STEM activities are a great way to introduce children to STEM (STEAM) challenges. First of all, you have at least one of the materials. You can use printer paper, newspaper, construction paper, tagboard, index cards, and even recycled wrapping paper. Secondly, most students are highly engaged in

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14 of the Best Picture Books for Elementary Science

    New Picture Books for Science Each year, I enjoyed adding some new picture books for science to my classroom library!  I had a huge collection that was always popular with the kids! I still love to check out the list of “outstanding science trade books for students” that

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Seven Different Types of Bridges and Why We Build Them

  Inspired By the Bridges in San Francisco Seeing these magnificent bridges inspired me to learn more about these landmarks.  Of course, this led me to learn about all different types of bridges. Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge is the symbol of California.  This suspension bridge was designed

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Two Thanksgiving Science Activities for Learning about Matter

These two Thanksgiving science activities are great stand-alone experiments.  But, I pair them with the children’s book Cranberry Thanksgiving, written by Harry and Wendy Devlin.  These are perfect for the week of Thanksgiving break. Making Butter in a Jar This Thanksgiving science activity gives you lots of bang for the

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