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New Digital Resources for the Pandemic and Beyond

What are digital resources? Digital resources are electronic reference materials.  Slides, videos, websites, apps, blogs, etc are digital resources.  These teaching tools are stored on a computer.   Right now, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, most teachers and students use distance learning systems.  The teachers and students are physically separated.  They use

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The Effects of Sugar on the Human Body

    Who Doesn’t Love Sugar? We’re all born liking the taste.  Our earliest ancestors ate sweet fruits as a significant part of their diet.  Honey has always been a treasured find and was one of our earliest sweets.  Native Americans were making maple syrup thousands of years ago in

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A WebQuest is an Engaging Educational Tool

So, What is a WebQuest? A WebQuest is a great educational tool.  When students are doing a WebQuest they search the web for information.  The teacher usually gives students links to websites and/or videos.  The links are checked out in advance to make sure they are reliable. What makes a

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Simple and Fun Seed Dispersal Activities

  Fall is just around the corner.  Yesterday I was out on one of our favorite golf courses in upstate New York with my husband.  I was easily distracted by the beauty around us.   The trees were just starting to turn colors, and the thistles and cattails were bursting open. 

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What is World Ocean Day?

What is World Ocean Day? We celebrate World Ocean Day to remind people of its importance.  The ocean provides more than fifty percent of the air we breathe.  It also absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide.  Furthermore, the ocean helps to regulate our climate.  World Ocean Day is a day

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LEDVANCE Visits the Westmoreland Upper Elementary School

LEDVANCE, the makers of SYLVANIA lighting products teamed up with the Westmoreland School District to promote Earth Day.  They’re fantastic people to work with, and they provided our upper elementary “Bulldogs” with a great experience.  Check it out here! Thank you to all the good people at LEDVANCE/SYLVANIA. You might

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LED Light Bulbs Make a Difference

Help Save the Planet How would you like to help save the planet?  You don’t need superhero powers, just use less energy!  One simple way to use less energy is to start using a new type of light bulb called an LED light bulb. Incandescent Light Bulbs Thomas Edison changed

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