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Top 10 Science YouTube Channels for Kids




Science is an essential part of learning in school. It helps kids understand how things work and why they happen. YouTube channels help with this! I find that most students actively watch and listen when videos are shown. They often help students visualize things that they otherwise couldn’t.

Below are some of the best science YouTube channels for kids.


Frank Gregorio

I am starting with this science YouTube channel first because it is one that you might not know of as a teacher of younger children. Frank Gregorio is a retired high school science teacher. He created over 60 beautiful videos and is still making them! His videos are about 3 to 4 minutes long. Each video is set to music and has powerful images. Frank Gregorio’s videos are perfect when you want to introduce a new topic. I used his videos with students as low as third grade. Even they found them mesmerizing. This is the one that I use when I start teaching my third-grade life science unit. It is one of my favorites.




This is another YouTube channel that not many teachers have heard of. These educational videos focus on math and science lessons from everyday life, which is why I think you will love them! They are short, little bites of information!



Science Buddies

If you are looking for an idea for a science experiment to do with your students, this is the science YouTube channel for you! There are also many great STEM  projects.



Sick Science (Steve Spangler)

If you are looking for experiments to do with your class, this science YouTube channel will help you. Steve Spangler was a science teacher. His enthusiasm for science led him to become a traveling science teacher presenting at many school assemblies. After that, Steve became a television host for News or Kids. He is best known for his Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. There are over 200 videos featuring different experiments on this channel.



Crash Course Kids

Crash Course is one of the most popular science channels on YouTube. It was started by Hank Green and John Krasinski (of Jackass fame) to teach high school students about science. Now, it has grown into a full-fledged educational channel covering everything from biology to physics to chemistry. It is perfect for upper elementary students.



SciShow  Kids

SciShow is an educational YouTube channel that focuses on explaining complex topics in simple ways. Just like the Crash Course, this series is founded by Hank Green. This science YouTube channel works well for students in third grade and lower. Jessie and her robot rabbit, “Squeaks,” try to answer young kids’ questions. Most of theses YouTube science videos focus on life science.


Nat Geo Kids

This is just a fun channel with lots of wild and wacky things that kids can explore. I look at this site as one to recommend to students who like science and want to learn about things at home. It does have some science YouTube videos that you might enjoy in the classroom too, like the one below.



Cornell Lab of Ornithology

If you are studying birds at any grade level, this science YouTube channel is wonderful! Associated with Cornell University in New York, The Lab of Ornithology is an “institution dedicated to interpreting and conserving the earth’s biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds”. They also have a fantastic website for students who are researching birds.


If you want additional resources about birds, check out our Animal Adaptations: Birds Differentiated Reading Passages, Birds WordList and Writing Papers, or How Do Birds Survive the Winter Webquest.


Lab 360

Lab 360 posts lots of videos about the latest science news. The playlists here are for older students. There are also videos of easy-to-do science experiments perfect for middle school and younger.



Mark Rober

Mark is a former NASA and Apple engineer. He loves to invent things! Most of his videos are geared towards middle school and up!



Searching on the Science YouTube Channels

If there is a science YouTube channel that interests you, I suggest clicking on it. Then, click on the channel under the video and view the playlists. From the playlist, click on view the whole list. You will then see all of the choices.

So, please choose one of the science YouTube channels that is new to you and check it out!

If you are interested in science books for your classes read about them here.

And remember, it’s all science!


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  • This is an awesome list! Mark Rober is one of my favourites 🙂 For kids looking to do experiments at home, I’ve got a channel called Silly Science with Simon that I’d love for you to check out.

    • Your website looks fun! I love channels that have science activities for children!


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