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Science books

Hello, elementary science teachers,

I have written several science books and will continue to write more!  My first book, Pepito’s Whiskers: The True Story of a Blind Cat, is a work of creative non-fiction.  It is an inspirational story about overcoming a disability.  It also teaches children about how a cat uses its senses of smell and touch!

I wrote the two books about plant adaptations because there weren’t any out there to help meet the Next Generation Science Standards in first and third grades.  While the pictures are the same, the size of the font and the vocabulary used in the book are changed so that they are grade-level appropriate.  You can get both if you want to differentiate for your students.

I will be posting more science books here as I write them!


This Animals Adaptations book makes a perfect pairing to either Plant Adaptations book.

If you have other elementary science topics that you would like books to be written about you can email me at scienceandsteamteam@gmail.com.  I will be happy to see what I can do!!



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