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7 Reasons Our Science Units are Perfect for Primary Grades


Our Science Units are Aligned to NGSS

As each science unit was developed, we studied each Next Generation Science Standard.  In addition, we looked closely at all of the NGSS evidence statements that go with each standard.  The evidence statements give added detail about what students should know and be able to do at the end of each unit.  We used these evidence statements to guide us while developing the lessons.  Additionally, we looked at the recommended phenomenon.

The Science Units are Complete

As a consequence, our science units are complete!  Each unit comes with:

  • the standards and list of materials needed
  • detailed, easy to follow lesson plans
  • essential vocabulary cards with pictures
  • experiments and/or a STEAM challenge
  • short, grade-appropriate informational articles
  • posters with photographs
  • charts
  • worksheets
  • book suggestions
  • video suggestions

Engaging Activities

These science units are filled with activities that keep students engaged.  Your students will always ask for more science!

Practical for Teachers to Implement

I am a former second-grade teacher, as well as a science teacher who saw classes once a week for forty minutes.  Therefore, I know how important it is to get the most out of the time a teacher has.  As I developed these units, I kept that in mind.  Using these units will save you valuable planning time, as well as ensure you get the most out of your science period.

Units are Teacher Tested

Thousands of teachers have purchased our science units.   As a result, tens of thousands of students have benefited from our resources!  We receive positive feedback every day from teachers, administrators, and even parents!  Here are just a few of the testimonials:

“I’ve purchased many things on TPT and this is easily one of the best things I’ve purchased, if not just the straight-up best. It’s well-written, easy to use, and so effective in laying out effective, interesting science lessons that were very engaging for my students. It’s also paced really well into separate lessons that are the right length for Kinders. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

“WOW!!!!! It is very apparent that you have taken the time to create a product that is engaging and aligned with the first-grade science standards. This unit is honestly better than the one my district provided for me, and I am thrilled to use this. Thank you!!!!!”

**Mrs. Abbott
“I recommend this to all 2nd-grade teachers! This made planning so much easier! Thanks! This was by far the best product I found to help implement the standards! Great Work!”

These Science Units are Affordable

Besides the science units themselves being of great value, many of the supplies used in the activities are readily available at school or at home.  If not, they can be purchased for a reasonable price.  The links below are to our bundles (the best value).  However, units can be purchased individually.  Simply, click on the bundle.  Next, scroll down.  Then, click on the individual unit.



Time-saving Shopping Lists

Lastly, each science unit has a premade supply list.  Save yourself valuable time by checking them out now!


To sum our units up, I leave you with my favorite testimonial from a teacher named Holly,
“The kids love the activities from these units!  Lots of variety, information, and hands-on excitement!  Thank you for making my classroom instruction sparkle!”

And remember, it’s all science!


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