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Awesome Science Activities for the First Day of School


Getting to Know Students Scientifically

Every year teachers do “getting to know you” activities on the first day of school.  Why not change it up this year with some science fun?  Students will love these science activities and be totally engaged!

     Materials Needed

  • a recording sheet
  • mirrors
  • magnifying glasses
  • measuring tapes
  • pictures of thumbprint types and earlobe types (attached and dangling)
  • ink pads (optional)


  • Tell students that they will be working in small groups to find out more about each other, their classmates, and their teacher by doing some fun, scientific observations.
  • Give each group their materials.

    Tongue Rolling Activity

  • Ask students to observe you.  Then, stick out your tongue!  If you can, roll it!  Next, ask students to stick out their tongues.  Can they roll their tongue?  Just over 80% of people can roll their tongues.  Explain to students that this is caused by genetics.  It is an inherited trait.

      Observing Eye Color

  • Have students look at each other’s eyes, and then observe their own in a mirror.  What do they notice?

      Do Your Have Dangling Earlobes?

  • Show students pictures of earlobes.  Explain that not everyone’s ears are the same.  Some are attached directly to the side of the head and some dangle.  Again, make observations.

      Check Out Fingerprints

  • Repeat this with types of fingerprints.

     How Tall Am I?

  • Have students use measuring tapes to measure each other.  I have found that if you have measuring tapes stapled or taped to the wall this can be much easier!


Finish up by having students generate and share their own “I wonder” questions based on these activities. 

Clearly, “getting to know you” science activities like this will be much more fun than traditional activities!  What’s more, students are bound to go home and share what they talked about in class.  Most likely, they will be observing family members’ eyes and ears!  There might even be some tongue rolling going on!

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And remember, it’s all science!


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