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A WebQuest is an Engaging Educational Tool

So, What is a WebQuest?

A WebQuest is a great educational tool.  When students are doing a WebQuest they search the web for information.  The teacher usually gives students links to websites and/or videos.  The links are checked out in advance to make sure they are reliable.

What makes a WebQuest a good educational tool?

WebQuests are often done collaboratively.  They can be done with a partner or in a small group.  Since completing a WebQuest takes good reading skills, working with others enables students with reading difficulties to participate too.  Because there are specific tasks to be completed, time on task increases.  The links are predetermined by the teacher, therefore students don’t need to go searching around for websites. Students increase critical thinking skills because WebQuests require thinking that goes beyond rote knowledge.

Combining a WebQuest with a STEM challenge

Having a STEM challenge after completing a WebQuest is a natural activity to do.  Students show what they learned and put their new knowledge to work.  I created some simple WebQuests that are good for upper elementary and middle schoolers.



Other ideas

If you need more WebQuest ideas, I came across the website webquest.org.  This site has a QuestGarden.  There are WebQuests for all subject areas and grade levels.  Be sure to check the reading level of the WebQuest because some of the reading levels are well above the grade level.  This occurs more at the primary levels.

This site also gives detailed steps for how to make a WebQuest.

All things considered, I think you should give a WebQuest a try!

If you enjoy having students work online you might also enjoy this blog on using digital resources.

Happy questing!


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