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Science Supplies for Our Second Grade Units

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Science Supplies for Second Grade Units

If you are ordering science supplies to go with our science units, we made this list to make ordering easier for you, especially if your school has an Amazon account.  Yes, we are Amazon affiliates.  This means we get a small profit from each sale, at no extra cost to you.

 Second Grade Physical Science Materials

Unit:  Matter and its Interactions




wooden blocks  

pan balances and gram weights                                       

clear jar

solids with different properties (sandpaper, wax paper, feathers, cloth, etc.)

liquids with different properties (honey, milk, paint, soda, oil, etc.)

baking soda and vinegar                        

wax paper, spoon or dropper, food coloring

dish soap

3 types of paper towels

plastic cups                                       

index cards                             

masking tape

– Book suggestions:

What is the World Made of?:  All About Solids, Liquids, and Gases – Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld



Second Grade Life Science Materials

Unit: Ecosystems and Interactions Energy and Dynamics and Biological Evolution Unity and Diversity




*start collecting recycled small boxes, cans, toilet paper tubes for the final project

seeds (some fast-growing seeds are lima beans, zinnias, sunflowers, and marigolds)

potting soil                                    

cups for planting


pom-pom balls                                 


pipe cleaners                                  

popsicle sticks


string or yarn

cheese curls (pollen)

Book Suggestions:


From Seed to Plant – Gail Gibbons

The Reason for a Flower – Ruth Heller

What is Pollination? – Bobbie Kalman

books about habitats


Second Grade Earth Science Materials

  Unit: Earth’s Place in the Universe and Earth’s Systems


safety goggles                                 

eyedroppers of spoons                                    

sand or dirt

inflatable globe or globe ball                

modeling clay

6 plastic tubs (shoebox size)                

6 measuring cups

sugar cubes

dry yeast

20 volume (6%) hydrogen peroxide



small paper plates

string or yarn 


If you are interested in science materials for other grade levels click here.

And remember, it’s all science!


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