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Science Supplies for Our Kindergarten Units

kindergarten science materials

Science Supplies for Our Kindergarten Units

If you are ordering science supplies to go with our science units, we made this list to make ordering easier for you, especially if your school has an Amazon account.  Yes, we are Amazon affiliates.  This means we get a small profit from each sale, at no extra cost to you.   

link to kindergarten physical science unit

 Kindergarten Physical Science Supplies

Unit: Move It Pushes and Pulls




small balls (ping pong, marbles, golf, etc.)

Book suggestions:


Move It!: Motion, Forces and You – Darlene Ruth Stille and Sheree Boyd 

Motions: Push, Pull, Fast and Slow – Adrienne Mason

Forces Make Things Move – Kimberly B. Bradley

Gravity is a Mystery – Franklin M. Branley

link to life science unit

      Kindergarten Life Science Supplies

Unit: What Do Plants and Animals Need to Survive?



seeds (sunflower and beans)

potting soil and containers to plant in

pipe cleaners

fabric scraps


google eyes (optional)

– Book suggestions:


Living and Nonliving (My world of Science) – Angela Rayton

Living and Nonliving (My Science Library) – Kelli Hicks


   Kindergarten Earth Science Supplies

Unit: Weather and How Plants and Animals Change the Environment to Meet Their Needs

– Book suggestions:


Oh, Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today? – Tish Rabe

Weather Forecasting – Gail Gibbons


Unit: Effects of the Sunlight on the Earth’s Surface


magnifying glasses



spoons or eyedroppers


pipe cleaners


popsicle sticks


fabric scraps

wax paper, foil, baggies


– Book Suggestions:


The Sun is Our Nearest Star – Franklin M. Branley

I Love Rocks – Carl Meinster

Jump into Science: Sand – Ellen Prager

Jump into Science: Dirt – Steven Tomeck

Dirt: The Scoop on Soil – Natalie M. Roinski


Unit: Plant and Animal Habitats and taking Care of Our Earth



string or yarn

clay building bricks (optional)


– Book suggestions:


Michael Recycle – Ellie Bethel

The Three R’s: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle – Nuria Roen

*It should be noted that books are only suggestions.  Other books from the library may meet your needs. 

*There are other materials such as water, and ice cube trays that are needed, but not listed as I am sure you have them.

And remember, it’s all science!


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