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Science Materials for Our First Grade Units

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Science Materials for First Grade Units

If you are ordering science supplies to go with our science units, we made this list to make ordering easier for you, especially if your school has an Amazon account.  Yes, we are Amazon affiliates.  This means we get a small profit from each sale, at no extra cost to you.   

link to 1st grade physical science unit

 First Grade Physical Science Materials

Unit:  Waves and their Applications in Technology for Information Transfer


plastic ruler                                  

plastic containers

rubber bands of different sizes 

wax paper

tuning fork at least 2 of different sizes (music teacher may have them)

small hand-held mirrors                    

small flashlights  (one for each pair of children)

popsicle sticks or tongue depressors      


string or yarn

small paper plates, bowls, and cups


link to a first grade life science unit

First Grade Life Science Materials

Unit: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes and Heredity:  Inheritance  and Variation of Traits


seeds (one to four packs – depends on your goal -beans, peas, corn, sunflowers)


cotton or paper towels


food coloring

Book Suggestion:

What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? – Steven Jenkins and Robin Page


First Grade Earth Science Materials

Unit: Earth’s Place In the Universe




 black or grey construction paper

 white or yellow chalk   

 small silver sequins or stick-on stars                                 

 Book Suggestions:


The Sun is Our Nearest Star – Franklyn Branley

The Sun is My Favorite Star – Frank Asch

What Makes Day and Night? – Franklyn Branley

The Reasons for Seasons  Gail Gibbons.

The Moon Seems to Change – Franklyn Branley

Stars, Stars, Stars  – Nancy Elizabeth Wallace


If you are interested in science materials for other grade levels click here.

And remember, it’s all science!


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