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Valuable Science Lessons That Will Make Your Life Easier!

To let teacher know that there are science lesson plans that can help them

Why Use Science Lessons Developed by Science and STEAM Team?

Two experienced science teachers wrote these science lessons.   When our school first implemented the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), I (Sarah) was teaching K -4 science.  There weren’t many materials available, and I had to develop lessons on my own.  This was difficult to do while teaching full time.  When I retired from teaching, I put my love of curriculum development to work.  I knew we could help so many other teachers!   We know what can realistically be done in the classroom at various grade levels.  And, we know what materials are generally available within the school or at low cost.

Each lesson or series of lessons focuses on the NGSS.  Additionally, many hours of research went into the development of each lesson.  Why spend the time doing this when it’s been done for you?!  Lessons are detailed and well laid out. This makes them easy to use.  Lessons are added with others and then put into a unit.  Subsequently, there are units for physical science, life science, and earth science.  Units are available for grades kindergarten to fifth grade.  Therefore, your elementary school can have continuity.

Detailed Science Lessons and Units

All standards are listed.  There are step-by-step instructions for the teacher to follow.  Each unit covers all of the standards in a given area.

Within each unit, suggested science books and science videos appropriate for the students are listed.  Likewise, there are multiple science activities.  These include task cards, science experiment ideas, and STEM challenges.  Along with the activities, there are often reading passages.  These passages on relevant topics are written specifically for the lessons.  The non-fiction texts come with graphic organizers.  The organizers are developed to keep students actively engaged and discussing important science topics while reading.  Along with this, there are posters and vocabulary cardsRubrics are included when appropriate.  Best of all, these resources are distance learning ready!

Testimonials about the Science Lessons

If you still aren’t sure about looking into these science Iessons, I included a testimonial from each grade level.


“I’ve purchased many things on TPT, and this is easily one of the best things I’ve purchased, if not just the straight-up best. It’s well-written, easy to use, and so effective in laying out effective, interesting science lessons that were very engaging for my students. It’s also paced really well into separate lessons that are the right length for Kinders. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

First grade

“WOW!!!!! It is very apparent that you have taken the time to create a product that is engaging and aligned with the first-grade science standards. This unit is honestly better than the one my district provided for me, and I am thrilled to use this. Thank you!!!!!”

Second Grade

“We have not had a science curriculum in a few years, and this has been a lifesaver. It is so easy to use and is very engaging. My students love science this year.”

Third Grade

“Our school failed to provide us with any Science curriculum, but they wanted us to teach science. This resource FAR EXCEEDED my expectations!  We had SO much fun, and my students got very excited about science class. So even without the curriculum being provided, they learned a lot!  Fun! Educational! Well Prepared!”

Fourth Grade

“Such a great resource! I have discovered your science units this year and LOVE them!  My kids love them too!  The activities and resources are always great, and I love how it makes it much easier for me! 😉 Definitely recommend this and ALL of your science units!!”

Fifth Grade

“This is such a thorough and well thought out product! One of the best purchases I have ever made. Thank you so much!!”

So, why wait?  Hop on over to our shop, get the science units that meet your needs, and make your life easier!

a link to a physical science unit for kindergarten                link to a first grade life science unit                 a link to a second grade science unit

a link to a third grade life science bundle              a link to a fourth grade science bundle              a link to a fifth grade science unit

PS:  We also have some middle school lessons!  Middle school science lessons

PSS:  If you are looking for some additional fun this year, Check out the Elementary STEM Club.  We are part of the group that is hosting this experience!

tells what the elementary stem club is about

And remember, it’s all science!


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