Second Grade NGSS 2-ESS1 Earth's Place in the Universe and ESS2 Earth's Systems



These second-grade science lesson plans include everything you need to teach the second-grade NGSS 2-ESS1 Earth’s Place in the Universe and 2-ESS2 Earth’s Systems.

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Lessons in this unit:

✅Please note: You will need access to YouTube as there are many suggestions for videos in these lessons.

Lesson 1 – Natural Events that Change the Earth Quickly

Lesson 2 – Natural Events that Change the Earth Slowly

Lesson 3 – Review of Quick and Slow Changes

Lesson 4 – What are Landforms?

Lesson 5 – Where is Water on Earth?

Lesson 6 – Develop a Model to Represent the Shapes and Kinds of Land and Bodies

of Water in Your State

Lesson 7 – STEM Challenge: Design a Solution to Prevent Water from Changing the

Shape of the Land

Included within this resource are:

– the standards

– suggested YouTube Videos and Books

– Geologist Poster

– KLEWS Chart (KWL for Science)

– student worksheets for collecting data and recording observations

– Natural Disasters Poster

– Natural Disasters Flipbook

– Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

– Weathering Reading Passage

– Weathering Activity and Questions

– Erosion Reading Passage and Questions

– Erosion Activities

– Weather/Erosion Venn Diagram

– 14 Photographs of Weathering and Erosion

– Task Cards with Information about Natural Events that Change the Surface of the


– Landforms Booklet

– Landforms Matching Task Cards

– Flipbook- Earth’s Water in Three States of Matter and Posters

– Rain in a Bottle Experiment

– engineering and design process posters

– 20 colorful essential vocabulary cards with graphics and definitions

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