NGSS: MS-ESS3-2 Earth and Human Activity: Natural Hazards



With these NGSS lesson plans students will read, analyze, and interpret data about natural hazards. They will use this information to forecast the likelihood of future hazards. Students will also learn about the development of technologies to mitigate these disasters. This resource has 10 lessons. Included are a standards poster, data charts/graphs for analyzing and interpreting, links to data, links to Youtube videos, and informational articles about each of the disasters in the unit. A rubric for group work. There are also 11 essential vocabulary cards, and more!

Lesson 1: What are Natural Hazards?

Lesson 2: Tsunamis

Lesson 3: Wildfires

Lesson 4: Earthquakes

Lesson 5: Volcanic Eruptions

Lesson 6: Hurricanes

Lesson 7: Tornados

Lesson 8: Blizzards

Lesson 9: Floods

Lesson 10: Droughts


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