NGSS: MS-ESS3-1 Distribution of Natural Resources



With this earth science curriculum, students will learn about how the uneven distribution of natural resources as a result of past and current geoscience processes. Students will review what they have learned and then focus on Earth’s mineral, energy, and groundwater resources. This resource has six lessons. Included are a standards poster, photos for stimulating discussion, task cards to aid in student research, links to data, and informational articles about minerals and weathering & erosion. There are also short readings about oil, coal, and natural gas, 15 essential vocabulary cards, and more!

Lesson 1: What are Natural Resources and How Do We Use Them?

Lesson 2: Natural Resource: Minerals

Lesson 3: Natural Resource: Groundwater

Lesson 4: The Tectonic Plates

Lesson 5: Weathering and Erosion

Lesson 6: Show What You Know

✅Please make sure you have access to YouTube before you purchase this Unit.

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    Jennifer wrote, “This activity was easy to use and helped the students understand the lesson.”

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