Kindergarten NGSS Motion and Stability Unit: Pushes and Pulls



All the ideas you need to teach your kindergarten students about pushes and pulls are included in these six engaging lessons! This can be used as a stand-alone or make a great supplement to your elementary science curriculum.

Lesson #1 Let’s Move! What is Motion?

Lesson #2 How Do Some of Our Favorite Things Move?

Lesson #3 Pushes and Pulls

Lesson #4 Gravity

Lesson #5 Down We Go! Building Ramps

Lesson #6 STEM Challenge

Included within the unit are:

– The Standards and Materials needed pages (all inexpensive, practical suggestions)

– Detailed Lesson Plans

– Essential Vocabulary Cards (10 words)

– Push and Pull Picture Sort with real photos

– STEAM Challenge: Create a Ramp that will Move a Marble to the Finish Line

– Engineering and Design Process Posters

– Charts, Worksheets

– Suggestions for Books to Read

– Suggestions for YouTube Videos

1 review for Kindergarten NGSS Motion and Stability Unit: Pushes and Pulls

  1. Sarah & Moe

    Review from Elizabeth on TpT:
    “This is an amazing science unit. Easy to follow along, well organized. Engaging lessons that my students LOVE!!! Thank you so much for your hard work.”

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