Kindergarten NGSS Earth's Systems Unit: Weather and How it Affects Us



All the ideas you need to teach NGSS K-ESS2 are included in the eight lessons.

Lesson #1 What is Weather?

Lesson #2 Looking at Patterns in Weather

Lesson #3 Rain in a Bottle Experiment

Lesson #4 What is a Forecast?

Lesson #5 How Does a Forecast Help People?

Lesson #6 Severe Weather Including Storm Safety

Lesson #7 Seasons and How they Affect the Weather

Lesson # 8 How Do Plants and Animals Change Their Environment to Meet Their


Included within the unit are:

-The Standards and Materials needed page (all inexpensive, practical suggestions)

-Essential Vocabulary Cards (29 words)

-9 Weather Posters (Photos)

– Seasons Posters

– Meteorologist Poster

– Storm Safety Poster and a letter home to families

– 10 photos of animals and plants changing their environment

-Student Friendly Activities and Rain in a Bottle Experiment

-Suggestions for Books to Read

-Suggestions for YouTube Videos

-Student Recording Sheets

-Severe Weather Mini Book

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    Review from Michelle on TpT”
    “Great Resource! My class loves your science units!”

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