Kindergarten NGSS Earth and Human Activities: Habitats & Taking Care the Earth



Save lots of time and energy! All the ideas you need to teach Kindergarten NGSS -ESS3 are included in these six engaging kindergarten lesson plans.

Lesson #1 What is a Habitat?

Lesson #2 What Habitat Do I Live In?

Lesson #3 Create a Habitat STEM Challenge

Lesson #4 Natural or Man-made

Lesson #5 Taking Care of Our Habitat

Lesson #6 Making New Objects by Using Old Things

Included within the unit are:

– The Standards and Materials needed pages (all inexpensive, practical suggestions)

– Detailed Lesson Plans

– Essential Vocabulary Cards (14 words)

– Habitat Passage for teacher to read to the class

– Mini Posters for the following habitats: arctic, desert, forest, ocean, and wetlands

(these include a photograph of the habitat and a short description)

– Sorting Cards with plants and animals from different habitats

– Habitats Mini-Booklet

– Habitat Riddle Cards

– STEM Challenge Create a Habitat

– Natural or Man-made Passage for the teacher to read to the class

– Natural or Man-made Board Game

– Helping Earth Mini-Booklet

– Directions for Making Rainbow Crayons and Puzzles by Reusing Materials

– Engineering and Design Process Posters

– Worksheets

-Suggestions for Books to Read

-Suggestions for YouTube Videos

*It should be noted that weather is not covered in this unit as it is addressed in the

Earth’s Systems Unit.

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