Human Impact on the Environment – Focus on Plastics: NGSS: MS-ESS3-3


These NGSS lesson plans will help students will learn about how people’s use of plastics impacts the environment. This resource has seven lessons. Included are a standards poster, photos for stimulating discussion, task cards with QR codes, links to data, an informational article about plastics, animal reports and note-taking sheet, 13 essential vocabulary cards, and more!

Lesson 1: What Impacts Do Humans Using Plastics Have on Our Environment?

Lesson 2: Positives and Negatives of Plastics

Lesson 3: Plastics in Our Daily Lives

Lesson 4: A Call to Action: How Can We Reduce the Amount of Plastics Using in Our

Classroom, School, or Community?

Lesson 5: STEAM Activity – Building an Animal or Plant our of Plastic Waste

Lesson 6: Review of the Four Spheres

Lesson 7: Other Human Impacts on the Earth

✅Please make sure you have access to YouTube before you purchase this Unit.


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