Global Climate Change: NGSS: MS-ESS3-5



With these NGSS lesson plans students will learn about global climate change and how it impacts the environment. This resource has ten lessons. Students will be able to ask questions to clarify evidence of the factors that have caused the rise in global temperatures

over the past century. Included are a standards poster, posters for stimulating discussion, links to data and videos, informational articles about the carbon cycle and the greenhouse effect, task cards to encourage students to do research on specific topics relating to climate change, directions for demonstrations, 12 essential vocabulary cards, and more!

Lesson 1: Introduction to Climate Change

Lesson 2: Observing Natural Phenomena: Glacier National Park Is Melting Away

Lesson 3: The Carbon Cycle

Lesson 4: The Greenhouse Effect

Optional Lesson: The Impact of Agriculture and Industry on the Environment

Lesson 5: Other Impacts of Global Warming/Climate Change

Lesson 6: How is Climate Change Impacting Your State?

Lesson 7: Asking Questions About Data to Clarify Factors That Have Caused the Rise

in Global Temperatures

Lesson 8: What is Your Carbon Footprint?

Lesson 9: A Call to Action: What is Your Carbon Handprint?

✅Please make sure you have access to YouTube before you purchase this Unit.


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