Fourth Grade NGSS 4-ESS1, 4-ESS2, and 4-ESS3: Earth Science Units



This 4th-grade science resource includes everything you need to teach the 4th NGSS Earth Science Units: 4-ESS1 Earth’s Place in the Universe, 4-ESS2 Earth’s Systems, and 4-ESS3 Earth and Human Activity standards!

Lessons in these units:

Unit 1 Earth’s Systems

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Earth Changes

Lesson 2 – Weathering

Lesson 3 – Erosion

Lesson 4 – Review of Weathering and Erosion

Lesson 5 – Exploring Topographical Maps

Unit 2 Earth’s Place in the Universe

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Rock Cycle

Lesson 2 – Rock Formations

Lesson 3 – fossils

Unit 3 Earth and Human Activity

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Energy from Natural Sources

Lesson 2 – Learning More About Energy from Natural Sources

Lesson 3 – Impact of Natural Disasters on Homes

Lesson 4 – STEM Challenge: Creating a Stucture That Will Best Survive an Earthquake

Please make sure that you have access to YouTube before purchasing this unit.

Included within this resource are:

– the standards

– suggested YouTube Videos and Books

– Eath Science Folder Cover

– Geologists Poster

* KLEWS Chart (KWL for Science)

* Weathering and Erosion Reading Passages

– Weathering Scavenger Hunt Recording Sheet

– Candy Erosion and Soil Erosion Activities

– Topographical Map Posters

– Three Types of Rocks Flip Book

– Rock Cycle Process Poster and Worksheet

* Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, and Floods Reading Passages and Graphic Organizer

– 8 Posters with Photographs of Land Formations and Informational Cards about these Formations

* Fossils Reading and Recording Sheet

* Fossils Posters

– Show What You Know Assessment

* Engineering and Design Process Posters

* Engineering and Design Rubric

* Reading Passages and Graphic Organizer for the Following Types or Energy: Solar, Wind, Biofuels, Geothermal, Hydroelectricity, Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear

– Types of Energy Flip Books

– Earthquake Informational Posters

– STEM Challenge Directions

– Light Station Cards

– 24 colorful essential vocabulary cards with graphics and definitions

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  1. Sarah & Moe

    Carmen’s TpT review, “Seriously a Great resource. It gives just enough detail without overwhelming the students and math included. The lessons make my job easier. Thank you!”

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