First Grade NGSS 1-PS4 Light and Sound Energy Unit



These 1st-grade science lesson plans include everything you need to teach the first-grade NGSS 1-PS4 Waves and their Applications in Technology for Information Transfer. Students will learn all about heat, light, and sound energy in a fun and engaging way. Why not make your life easier and give it a try!

Lessons in this unit:

Lesson 1 – What is Sound?

Lesson 2 – Sound Vibrations

Lesson 3 – What is Light?

Lesson 5 – Shadows

Lesson 6 – Opaque, Translucent, and Transparent

Lesson 7 – Design a Device That Will Communicate From One Tent to Another Tent

Included within this resource are:

– the standards

– sound and light energy mini posters

– sound and light energy mini booklets

– loud sounds/soft sounds posters

– student worksheets

– suggested YouTubes and books

– directions for making a kazoo and stringed instrument

– poster on how the ear works

– natural and man-made light sorting activity

– shadow investigation

– transparent, translucent, and opaque investigation

– engineering and design process posters

– 19 essential vocabulary cards

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  1. Sarah & Moe

    Review from Talia on TpT:
    “WOW!!!!! It is very apparent that you have taken the time to create a product that is engaging and aligned with the first-grade science standards. This unit is honestly better than the one my district provided for me, and I am thrilled to use this. Thank you!!!!! “

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