Fifth Grade NGSS ESS1-1 and ES1-2 Earth’s Place in the Universe



This 5th-grade science resource includes everything you need to teach the fifth-grade NGSS Earth’s Place in the Universe standards! Students will learn about the brightness of the stars; including the sun. They will learn about the stars, seasonal changes, the effect on day and night, and shadows.

Lessons in this unit:

Lesson 1 – What Do We Know About the Stars?

Lesson 2 – Learning About Specific Stars

Lesson 3 – How Big is the Sun in Relation to the Planets?

Lesson 4 – Writing a Claim

Lesson 5 – The Sun’s Shadows

Lesson 6 – The Earth’s Rotation and Revolution

(Patterns of Day and Night and Seasons)

Lesson 7 – Stars and Constellations

Lesson 8 – Seasonal Appearances of Stars and the Night Sky

✅Please make sure that you have access to YouTube before purchasing this unit.

Included within this resource are:

– the standards

– tips and suggestions

– suggested YouTube Videos and books

– Age Appropriate Website Suggestions for Data Collection

– Astronomer Poster

– 4 Night Sky Posters

– The Big Dipper, Star Trails, Solar System, and Star Life Cycle Posters

– “I can” statement cards

– Short Reading Passage about Stars

– Star Task Cards and Answer Keys

– Light Experiment

– Making a Model of the Solar System Instructions

– Data Collection Sheets for Sunrise and Sunset

– Final Project Guidelines and Rubrics

– 9 colorful essential vocabulary cards with graphics and definitions

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    Jennifer wrote, “This has lots of different activities to teach the science standards. It was a great resource!” on TpT.

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