Animal Adaptations: Informational Reading Passages



This resource contains five informational reading passages about animal adaptations. It was made for the NGSS 3-LS2 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics. It covers the following animals in the following ecosystems:

Collared Lizard – desert
Clownfish – ocean
Arctic Fox – arctic tundra
Blue Heron – wetlands
Yellow Jacket – temperate forest

The passages were written with third graders in mind, but the information is very interesting and complex and would be useful for upper grades as well.  Even I learned things while researching the adaptations!
There is a tips sheet for teachers and two recording sheets (differentiated) for students on which they can note the adaptations that their given animal has in order to survive in its ecosystem.

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  1. Sarah & Moe

    A review from Catherine on TpT:
    “Great resource to reinforce adaptations but also a wonderful resource to teach about informational text!”

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