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10 of the Best Middle School Science Books




Some Great New Middle School Science Books

Each year, I enjoyed adding some new science books to my classroom library! I had a huge collection that was always popular with the kids! I still love to check out the list of “outstanding science trade books for students” published on the National Science Teaching Associations website each year. This list was published in January. The books on the list are all published the year before. I find that they are perfect for the science library, lend themselves to many STEM challenges and other projects, are diverse in content and style, and are popular for years to come. I found this year’s list particularly good. Here are the new middle school science books.


Beavers: Radical Rodents and Ecosystem Engineers 

Author: Frances Backhouse

  • for ages 9 – 12
  • This book is full of beaver facts from the history of beavers (almost hunted to extinction for their pelts) through the current day (a keystone species). You can have students write an opinion piece about whether they think beavers are pests or ecological heroes.
  • STEM Concepts:  beavers, habitats, conservation


Fossils from Lost Worlds

Author/Illustrator: Damien Laverdunt and Hélène Rajcak

  • for ages 9 – 14
  • This is the perfect book for children interested in fossils and dinosaurs. It shows how science is a process of thinking, questioning, and learning. Students will learn about many different types of organisms through their fossils. The story is told through comics, illustrations, and data.
  • STEM concepts: fossils, history of the earth


Fred & Marjorie: A Doctor, a Dog, and the Discovery of Insulin

Author: Deborah Kerbel,  Illustrator: Angela Poon

  • for ages 8 – 12
  • In 1921, Frederick Bantin looked for ways to help cure diabetes. He used dogs in his experiments. The book talks about the scientific and emotional aspects of using animals in experiments.
  • STEM Concepts: science experiments, medical discoveries

Fungarium: Welcome to the Museum

Author: Ester Gaya, Illustrator: Katie Scott

  • for ages 8 – 12
  • Learn about all types of fungus, from mushrooms to penicillin. There aren’t many books that teach about fungus! The illustrations in this book are lovely.
  • STEM Concepts:  fungus, ecosystems


History Smashers: Plagues and Pandemics

Author: Kate Messner,  Illustrator:  Falynn Koch

  • for ages 8 – 12
  • Another timely book. This lays out the history of pandemics from the Black Death in the 14th century to the Covid-19 pandemic. It tells how we have responded to each pandemic.
  • STEM Concepts:  engineering and design process, medical science


Inside In: X-Rays of Nature’s Hidden World

Author: Jan Paul Schutten,  Illustrator: Arie van ‘t Riet

  • for ages 8-12
  • This book will keep kids engaged! There are x-rays of many different kinds of plants and animals that they can get an inside look at. Fascinating facts accompany the clear photos.
  • STEM Concepts:  plants and animals, structures and functions


Ocean Planet: Animals of the Sea and Shore

Author and Illustrator: Ben Rothery

  • for ages 9 – 12
  • This beautifully illustrated book covers various animals that live near or in the ocean, from microscopic plankton to giant whales.
  • STEM Concepts: ocean animals, ocean ecosystem, ocean climates


Saving Sorya: Chang and the Sun Bear

Author: Trang Nguyen,  Illustrator: Jeet Zdung

  • for ages 8 – 12
  • This novel is based on a true story, in which a young conservationist saves and returns a sun bear to its natural habitat.   
  • STEM Concepts:  animal habitats, conservation, rainforest, using a field notebook


Wonder Women of Science: How 12 Geniuses Are Rocking Science, Technology, and the World

Author: Tiera Fletcher and Ginger Rue,  Illustrator: Sally Wern Comport

  • For ages 9 – 12
  • This book highlights the lives of 12 diverse women in STEM fields today. It also includes tips as to how children can get involved in STEM.
  • STEM Concepts:  various topics based on the women, determination


Why Not Get Some New Middle School Science Books?

With a list like this, why not get some new books for science? Students will find these books inspiring and motivational.

I know of middle school science teachers who love to read to their classes sometimes; especially when they find a relevant topic. Others approach the ELA teacher at their grade level and work together with them.

Consider purchasing some for your class library. If your budget is small, ask your librarian if he/she can purchase them. I always found mine more than happy to add STEM  books to her shelves.

Lastly, if you have read some of these books already, please leave a comment in the comment section below and let others know what you think. If you want to tell us about a fun follow-up activity all the better!

FYI,  as an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission on books I sell from my site. The price you pay is not affected.

And remember, it’s all science!


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  • I teach “science methods” for future teachers who want to teach in K-6 or be the 6-12 science teacher. I want to encourage and demonstrate the use of books like the books listed here.


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