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LED Light Bulbs Make a Difference

Help Save the Planet

How would you like to help save the planet?  You don’t need superhero powers, just use less energy!  One simple way to use less energy is to start using a new type of light bulb called an LED light bulb.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

Thomas Edison changed the world in 1879 when he created the light bulb. For the next 140 years, this type of bulb changed very little.  During that time, there have been lots of other changes that have also made our lives better and more comfortable.  We have cars, warm houses, hot running water, and all kinds of electric gadgets.  All of these things use a lot of energy.  We get most of that energy by burning coal, oil, and natural gas.  We even burn those things to make most of our electricity.  Recently we have learned that burning all those fuels is harming the planet.

Edison’s light bulb is called an incandescent bulb.  It works when electricity passes through a small metal wire called a filament.  The filament gets so hot it gives off light.  In fact, about 90% of the electricity that an incandescent bulb uses turns into heat.  Just 10% of the electricity turns into light.

LED Light Bulbs

There is a new type of bulb called a light-emitting diode or LED.  LED bulbs use very little electricity, only about 15% as much as an incandescent bulb.  Saving electricity with these new LEDs means less pollution is created.  It also means that your parents will save money on their electric bill!

Saving energy is like a superpower!  By using LED light bulbs you can save the planet and money at the same time!



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