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New Digital Resources for the Pandemic and Beyond

What are digital resources?

Digital resources are electronic reference materials.  Slides, videos, websites, apps, blogs, etc are digital resources.  These teaching tools are stored on a computer.   Right now, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, most teachers and students use distance learning systems.  The teachers and students are physically separated.  They use various technologies to support learning.  For this reason, lessons can be accessed from anywhere.

Will digital resources stay?

Certainly, digital learning is here to stay!  Many teachers and students are already using them.  As a creator of educational resources, I knew that I would have to “get with the program.”  This pandemic forced the issue.  Two weeks ago I purchased an online course myself.  This course taught me how to create digital lessons.  My focus is on creating activities for use with Google Slides™.  In my opinion, these resources are better than some of the traditional pdf lessons I created.  When teachers share the lessons with their students, the students can hit directly on links to websites, within websites, and videos.  This makes digital resources great for research.   In contrast, with lessons teachers have to show the videos or give students the links.

Other Advantages of Digital Learning

In addition to accessing work on computers, digital resources can be used on iPads, Chromebooks, and phones.  Students are actively engaged.  This is especially true if they are working with others.  All the students can see a project they are working on in realtime.  This means that they can collaborate, even from home.  Instead of lecturing, teachers become facilitators.  They monitor the students as they work, providing guidance when needed.  Besides this, teachers ask probing questions to get the students to think more deeply.  Teachers also have access to their lessons and student work from anywhere.  In addition, going paperless helps the environment!

Science and STEAM Team Digital Resources

Over the past several weeks we have added some digital content to our shop.  One of the most popular digital resources guides students to virtual museums.  Once at a museum site, children can choose from a variety of fun science activities.

Another one takes them to the San Diego Zoo.  Once there, students can learn about different animals by viewing live webcams, watching videos, and reading about animals of their choice.

Science learning can happen near home too.  Students can observe nature in their yard, a nearby park, etc. with their families.  Then they can share what they learn with their teacher.

The Science and STEAM Team has also started to take some of our top-selling resources and making them available in Google Slides™.  Click here to see all our digital resources.

Best of luck on your digital adventures!


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  • Sarah,
    Thank you for your post about digital resources during COVID. I found it very helpful when teaching my middle school science class.
    Sarah Bridgers

    • Sarah,
      Thanks so much for letting me know that our post about digital resources during COVID helped you! Please let us know if there are any other topics you would like to see covered.


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