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3 Easy DIY STEAM Toys that Students Can Make in Class

Why STEAM Toys? Research is showing that kids need STEAM Toys. STEM is becoming increasingly relevant as the world delves deeper into this techno-centric era. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% increase in STEM occupations by 2029, over other careers at only 3.7%. Moreover, an astounding 93%

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Summer STEM Challenge: Are You Looking for a Fun One?

Summer STEM With Sammie STEAM Are you looking for some summer STEM challenges for your families?  If you already read our blog about our family STEM challenge involving beavers,  you know that our families asked us for more fun activities that they could do with their children!   One morning, my

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Six Simple Ways of Teaching Science Virtually

Of course, we would all like to be teaching science as usual, with lots of hands-on labs.  But realistically, for many of us, that just isn’t possible right now as schools are teaching remotely.  The good news is that there are simple ways that we can teach science virtually. Teaching

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How to Encourage a Love of Science at Home

Why Encourage Families to Engage in Science at Home Many parents think that science is a “hard” subject.  They may not have had formal science until middle or high school.  It might have been difficult for them.  Consequently, our job as educators is to get families comfortable with science and

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