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Pollinator Week: 8 Fun Activities for You and Your Students

    National Pollinator Week is celebrated worldwide each year in June.  The timing of it doesn’t coincide well with the school year.  What is essential is that we teach kids about pollinators and their importance.  Here are eight activities that will help you do just that!  Pick out a

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5 Saguaro Cactus Science Fun Facts We Learned on Our Trip

    Recently, we traveled to Arizona and Visited Saguaro National Park. Everywhere in the park, there were saguaros (pronounced “suh-wahr-oh”) as far as the eye could see. Did you know that saguaros are among the oldest living things on Earth? These giant cacti have been around for millions of

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Visiting Spring Lake, a Beautiful Gem, in San Marcos!

About Spring Lake Spring Lake is located at the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment.  Archaeologists uncovered evidence that this is the oldest continually inhabited place in North America, with human activity going back 11,500 years.  In 1994, Texas State University purchased the land.  The mission of the University

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