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Top 10 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

    Science is an essential part of learning in school. It helps kids understand how things work and why they happen. YouTube channels help with this! I find that most students actively watch and listen when videos are shown. They often help students visualize things that they otherwise couldn’t.

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Awesome Science Activities for the First Day of School

Getting to Know Students Scientifically Every year teachers do “getting to know you” activities on the first day of school.  Why not change it up this year with some science fun?  Students will love these science activities and be totally engaged!      Materials Needed a recording sheet mirrors magnifying

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Summer STEM Challenge: Are You Looking for a Fun One?

Summer STEM With Sammie STEAM Are you looking for some summer STEM challenges for your families?  If you already read our blog about our family STEM challenge involving beavers,  you know that our families asked us for more fun activities that they could do with their children!   One morning, my

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How to Get Your Students Flipping Over Fossils!

Who Knew There is a National Fossil Day™? I certainly didn’t!  When I  found out, I figured it would be a great time to have my students learn about fossils.  National Fossil Day™ takes place annually on the Wednesday of the second full week in October.  The idea is to

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It is the title photo with an aluminum foil boat and gram weights

Easy STEM Challenge: Build a Boat

Phenomena for Building a Boat STEM Challenge First of all, what is phenomena?  In science, a phenomenon is simply an event or situation occurs.  The event causes students to wonder about it (I wish the NGSS would just do away with the word phenomena!).  Before building a boat there are

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Voice Levels in the Classroom

Now that you have your rules established, there are some other considerations for managing group work in a science or STEM class.  One thing to consider is the voice level.  You can set specific guidelines for students. Voice Levels Teachers have different types of teaching styles.  Some teachers like a

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Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day! April 22nd is Earth Day.  This is a time to celebrate the progress we’ve made helping our environment. Above all, it is a day to renew our commitment to do more. The first Earth Day took place in 1970, as a way to call attention to the

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LEDVANCE Visits the Westmoreland Upper Elementary School

LEDVANCE, the makers of SYLVANIA lighting products teamed up with the Westmoreland School District to promote Earth Day.  They’re fantastic people to work with, and they provided our upper elementary “Bulldogs” with a great experience.  Check it out here! Thank you to all the good people at LEDVANCE/SYLVANIA. You might

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LED Light Bulbs Make a Difference

Help Save the Planet How would you like to help save the planet?  You don’t need superhero powers, just use less energy!  One simple way to use less energy is to start using a new type of light bulb called an LED light bulb. Incandescent Light Bulbs Thomas Edison changed

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