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Four Fun December STEM Activities for Elementary Grades

December STEM activities are exciting for students of all ages!  Consequently, I created several. December STEM for Kindergarten and First Grades I like to incorporate the science of animal needs throughout the year.  In December, I focus on the needs of the reindeer.  I start by reviewing the needs of

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Science Gifts that are Super Fun for Kids!

Why Science Gifts? Parents are always asking me for suggestions about science and STEAM gifts that I think their child would like.  So are grandparents and aunts and uncles!  They want to know what the best ideas are for certain age groups (all of the recommendations in this post for

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Brainy Backyard Animals

Look for Intelligent Animals in Your Own Backyard!

Intelligent Animals:  What to Look For Animal Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand, and deal with new situations within one’s environment.  Just like humans (yes, we are animals), other animals also show signs of intelligence.  Some signs that an animal is smart are its ability to solve problems, communicate

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My First Podcast Interview Was A Lot of Fun!

Podcast Interview Fun! When Bonnie, of iheartSTEAM first reached out to me and asked if I wanted to do a podcast interview, I jumped at the chance!  For those of you that know me, you know that I am trying to branch out and embrace social media.  This is in

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to show a spiderweb that students made

Create a Spider Web: A Fun STEM Challenge!

  Observing Spider Webs Before creating a spider web, give students a chance to observe spider webs.  The best thing to do is to take the children outside and ask them to look for webs.  Tell students to observe and not touch the webs.  While observing, ask them to draw

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Title of the Blog

How to Encourage a Love of Science at Home

Why Encourage Families to Engage in Science at Home Many parents think that science is a “hard” subject.  They may not have had formal science until middle or high school.  It might have been difficult for them.  Consequently, our job as educators is to get families comfortable with science and

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To let teacher know that there are science lesson plans that can help them

Valuable Science Lessons That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Why Use Science Lessons Developed by Science and STEAM Team? Two experienced science teachers wrote these science lessons.   When our school first implemented the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), I (Sarah) was teaching K -4 science.  There weren’t many materials available, and I had to develop lessons on my own. 

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Benefits of Rubrics in a STEM Lab

What is a rubric? As most of you know, a rubric is a teaching tool with many benefits.  Rubrics set out specific criteria that the teacher wants students to achieve.  Rubrics are often used for writing and project-based activities. Benefits of Rubrics in Science and STEM Labs Rubrics are ideal

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encourage teachers to read about procedures and rules

Establishing Classroom Procedures and Rules is Essential!

As any teacher knows, the classrooms that run the most efficiently are those that have clear expectations and procedures.  So, establishing classroom procedures and rules is essential!  Of course, it is better for everyone if these are set at the beginning of the year. Classroom Procedures Classroom procedures are consistent

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New Digital Resources for the Pandemic and Beyond

What are digital resources? Digital resources are electronic reference materials.  Slides, videos, websites, apps, blogs, etc are digital resources.  These teaching tools are stored on a computer.   Right now, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, most teachers and students use distance learning systems.  The teachers and students are physically separated.  They use

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